My cat is living a double life, and apparently his name is “Chocolate”

I always wave hi and bye to the man and his wife next door. They are an older couple with two adult daughters that I don’t really know because we and they are hardly ever home.

Each morning I wave hello to the daughter, she is a school teacher and leaves each morning at the same time I do.

Each evening when I return home, I wave hello to the father as he takes the rubbish out or is busy in the front cleaning something.

I have spoken to the parents before, brief snippets of conversation -they have a hard to understand accent, I don’t know if they fully understand me while I speak, because there is alot of polite nodding and smiling.

We are leaving for holidays soon and we need someone to feed our cat while we are away. I had no choice really, but to go next door and ask the man if he could help me out.

He wasn’t extremely excited with his new task, but his daughter came out and began speaking about MY cat that she named chocolate. She spoke highly of Chocolate and her times with him. WTF?!

From what they were telling me, my cat sleeps on their outdoor couch each night and they play with him each afternoon. A week ago “Chocolate” had some birthday cake with them. This all happens while I’m at work or inside with my little boy and husband.

The neighbour told me with a sparkle in his eye that “Chocolate” killed a snake that was in their backyard and a mouse a few weeks later.

My cat is living a double life!

Not sure how to take the adventures of Chocolate and the neighbours, but for now, I will be grateful that he is safe and they are going to feed him while I am away.


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3 Responses to My cat is living a double life, and apparently his name is “Chocolate”

  1. amommasview says:

    Heard of a couple of cats doing that… Smart!

  2. Souzapalooza says:

    Wow! That’s hysterical! Maybe your cat is a secret agent too 🙂 At least you know “chocolate” will be well looked after while you are away and that is all that matters. Who knows, maybe this will bring you closer with your neighbors!

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