My Brother is getting married!

My brother is getting married on Saturday. He is 28, but I still see him as the little brother.

To write this, I began reflecting on our relationship……and what can I say, I’m all teary and grateful for this guy!

As kids he would occasionally rearrange or tidy my room just to see me smile, he would get me a drink at night for my bedside table so I didn’t get thirsty, we would talk for hours and share our joys and our trials. We would discuss topics happening around us and both worked hard trying to please the people around us.

We took turns scratching each others backs and we even tried doing Yoga from some cards I found out shopping one day. We would walk around the block over and over some afternoons and we would sit and have cups of tea making random phone calls with our other siblings to pass the day while our parents were at work.

My brother Anthony has always made time for me and together we struggle from time to time with our oxygen dramas, we discuss things from nose bleeds to oxygen saturation levels, we both share the same lung disease. Maybe having something so “big” in common, made us closer.

When I got married, life got hectic and I remember missing the back scratches, cups of tea and laughing sessions with Anthony, we began seeing each other a little less.

We kept in touch as much as we could, one of the best days ever was when Anthony go his licence.

It hasn’t always been picture perfect with Anth and I, we have had our ups and downs and disagreements about things as we both grew up and became adults, but we always knew and know that we have each other’s back. We are unbreakable, and God helps the person that tries.

He was and is, my best friend and I always had the view that no girl would ever fit the mould of what he deserved, no girl would be able to love him and respect him to the level I felt he deserved, or maybe I simply felt that no girl deserved him… until we met his wife to be –  Fiorella.

I was lucky enough to be present the day they both met; we were at a wedding in Hamilton Island in holiday mode, enjoying the warm sun and time with the other family members that came for the wedding on the island.

When Fiorella and Anthony both met for the first time, it was cute to watch. They have similar features, both young and bubbly, and they both make anyone that stands beside them look obese.

They were a perfect match and I didn’t realise at the time that this was my future sister in-law, my future little sister, but I liked her and I got only a good vibe from her

I remember them both chatting and Anthony making her laugh, they were and still are cute together and happy.

They have been together for a while now, I have had the pleasure of watching them grow as a couple and become who they are today. I am honored that I was a “go to” person when some advice or guidance was needed, I am fortunate to spend some good quality time with my little sister and have a bond that I cherish.

I welcomed Fiorella into my heart a very long time ago and I couldn’t be happier with who Anthony will be marrying on Saturday. I am grateful they are so happy together and I can see that they will both go far together as a team.

I feel like a proud mother to my little brother.

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6 Responses to My Brother is getting married!

  1. Oh this is so sweet! Congratulations little Anthony. 😀 I hope he has a perfect day.

  2. amommasview says:

    Hope it will be a great day and they will have an awesome future together!

  3. It is great to have this type of relationship with a sibling isn’t it? Thanks for giving us a deeper look into your life. I am sure it will be a great day

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