A Quick Note regarding Online Shopping

I recently went online and purchased some awesome stuff for myself and for two special people I know. The online shop I visited is a regular for me, I don’t like promoting stores but lets just say… you go there for stationery and a lot of things you think you need but really don’t.

I went to the Postal Box EVERY minute I was within post office hours and near by. I checked for this parcel so many times I could tell the poor guy at my local post office wanted to give me something just to make me happy as he could see me looking deflated each time he told me there was nothing there.

Yesterday I went again, The guy at the post office saw me walk in and quickly announced the parcel still hadn’t arrived. I got him to check the back, look in places it could possible be, he probably felt insulted that I questioned the methods of organisation in his store.

I really began thinking that this online company was hopeless! I mean It was two weeks and nothing had come.

The order suddenly went from a “want” to a damn need. I knew I was going to email them the minute I got near a computer.

Today, I looked online and logged into the online store….. only to discover that I didn’t checkout of that order! It was sitting there waiting for me to check out!

OK, so your probably thinking what an idiot?! Or worse?! I’m thinking that times ten!

When i realized how much energy that went into this order, the checking of it, the waiting and then accepting…..its not coming.

Note – Check out of the order to receive it.

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