Today I give myself permission to…..

I’m doing this a day earlier than normal, because I felt it was appropriate for a day like today.

I have some awesome people in my life who love me to bits and even though they might not understand me completely, they don’t judge me, they simply love me. A big thanks to them.

Then there are people I don’t get unconditional love from, I get treatment like I’m a rodent and they don’t know how to get rid of me, even when I don’t say anything or distance myself from them…now trust me, if I could eliminate them I WOULD! Not all people are in my life by choice. Brothers and sisters, calm down… its not you!

This week I give myself permission to be ME. I give myself permission to stop wanting love from people who don’t know how to give it. I give myself permission to love me and accept that there are people out there who don’t WANT to love me no matter how good I am to them.

I also give myself permission to tell the people who are jumping around with streamers on the “Angela sucks”side of my running track of life…..Go and get yourself nicked – (insert finger flip here) In Italian we say “Fanculo”

I give myself permission to be me and happy about it, imperfections and all.

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