Dating Rules are keeping “fish in the sea”

Millionaire match maker…..Dating rules seem to be part of Paddy’s plan and guide to finding love. Last night I watched a few episodes on foxtel – probably a dated episode, but I watched them.

There are so many dating rules and so many men that seem to be focused on looks and hair colours – and women seemed to be desperately trying to accommodate Mr Millionaires desires.

Paddy’s rule is to kiss on the first date and reschedule another one before you leave. No sex before monogamy (when an individual has only one partner).

Pretty simple rules you would think… But most of these people she had on the show couldn’t follow them.

It’s a wonder why some of the people are single! Some of the dates are like a cute fairy tale endings where the couple are made for each other and Paddy nails the match, then there are other situations where the couple act like they can’t wait to leave and only stay to finish the free meal and soak up the spot light.

Watching the matchmaker show made me feel sorry for the people trying to find real love. It looks brutal out there with an increase of game playing and rules like “treat them mean, keep them keen” WTF?! Why aren’t people just being honest and straight up?

Then, even though it was late, I flicked channels and landed on Sex in the City…. washed out Carrie Bradshaw always trying to find a relationship with all these strange people that don’t fit the profile of Mr Big. The episode I was watching last night was when the Yankee and Carrie were on a date at a bar and she was throwing a peanut in the air trying to catch it with her mouth and suddenly as she does some head swinging move, Mr Big is in the crowd at this bar. The whole scene of him walking over and touching her arm and her not being able to function until he is out of sight…. Romantic? I think they are both fucked up!
If Mr Big wasn’t acting like such a mysterious asshole and she wasn’t taking bad advice from the sex driven maniac Miranda…. Her life might actually make sense.

I know these are shows with paid actors and even though the Matchmaker show is meant to be real… I’m sure there is some acting in it.

Aside from all the acting, I know that there are single people trying to find love in a world that’s become so complicated and full of unwritten but “meant to know” rules.

Let’s get a grip and keep it real. Finding Mr or Mrs right doesn’t have to be so painful.

I heard a radio segment one morning regarding couples being “official” or still “seeing” each other. If you have shared A Few dates and sex and you still don’t know after a few weeks where you stand or how you feel…. Then WTF?! NEXT!!!

I have a partner and I’m grateful I’m not trying to find a “fish in the sea”…. Everyone’s fishing in murky water these days.

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2 Responses to Dating Rules are keeping “fish in the sea”

  1. Adrianna says:

    I agree million dollar matchmaker is so wrong it’s funny. Murky indeed

  2. Thanks for reading 🙂

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