Driving perfectly…. Or maybe not

Today I decided to enjoy my coffee in the car as I set out to take junior to school. The traffic is normally pretty heavy and there is a lot of sitting and waiting for lights to change and…..people to realise that the light is green and they can go.

I put the travel cup in the cup holder without a lid because I don’t drive faster than 40kms per hour doing the painful school traffic drive.

Today…. There was no traffic! I had to keep driving because all the lights were green!!! I took corners like I was driving a truck to avoid spilling this piping hot lidless cup of coffee.
Now… As you picture it, keep in mind I drive a car with performance suspension and regardless of my impeccable driving… The coffee was tipping over like waves at the beach!

I couldn’t take the gulps I needed as it was too hot…. And the lights kept zapping green and it was the smoothest run I’ve had in 1 year of taking the drive apart from the coffee drama.

As I approached the school and parked in my regular spot, the principal was standing near by and watched me park…. Pressure….

I got out of the car with coffee soaked tissues and realised I had parked like I stole it and ran! It was so slanted that I am considering a driving lesson. Embarrassing!!!

Note to self…. Take a lid with the travel cup in future.

Enjoy your day 🙂

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One Response to Driving perfectly…. Or maybe not

  1. Adrianna says:

    I will I will so funny what a quick dilemma now resolved

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