Whoever You Are….Thanks Mem

Today I read a Blog about a children’s book that somebody posted… I am ALL FOR books that teach kids lessons and inspire them to be more than they think or know that they can be, so this blog post resonated with me. I was purchasing childrens books before I even had a child.

To view the blog written by Everybody’s Gotta Be Somebody…….. Click Here

After reading her post, I realized, I too have read a book recently that really touched me and gave me an “aha” moment, It made such an impact on me that after I read it to my son as a bed time story, I jumped online immediately and purchased a bunch of them as Christmas presents for my nephews and nieces.

I am not affiliated with Booktopia but I’ve attached the link because the book is so well priced – Booktopia Link

The book is “Whoever You Are” Written by Mem Fox and Illustrated by Leslie Staub.


I already love Mem Fox in a non creepy way….and all her work so much, I have enjoyed sharing her work with my son and also read many of her books to children when I worked as a Childcare teacher many years ago.

This book is amazing, it begins by telling the child reading that there are little ones like themselves all over the world. It educates them that their homes may be different, or their skin, or their school etc, It then tells the child…..but inside their heart is like yours, they smile like you, they laugh like you, they cry like you.

It ends with the final pages saying that their pain is the same, their blood is the same, as well as their smiles, their joys and their love.

What a book!

Making Children aware of other children being just like them. Bringing a unity to the world.

I have for many years wanted to write for children. This book is what I want my message to be like.  My fear of failure keeps me running back into hiding, the fear of producing something that no one will like, or even writing it and hitting a brick wall with it and the draft being buried with me.

Reading this book renewed my hope that a message in a book to the younger generation may make this world a little more like heaven on earth.

If you have any other amazing books that I can share with my 5 year old, please feel free to leave me a comment or send me a message.

Thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to Whoever You Are….Thanks Mem

  1. amommasview says:

    Second blog about a book I really love today. And yes, you mentioned the other one!

  2. I love this book so much! I can’t get through to the end without choking up though. :3 My 5yo just humours me and gives me a cuddle…

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