2015 – old style diary or smart phone?

I am sorta stuck on this decision…. May seem petty, but I really have struggled choosing one way or the other, so I keep 2 calendars… One in my paper diary that I carry around in my handbag and the other on my smart phone incase I’m not near my handbag.

I love shopping for a diary, it’s gotta be the perfect diary. I sometimes end up buying 3 because I keep finding one better than the other….then I choose the best and transfer everything over.

Ive always used day to a page, but now I need to see my week at a glance to plan easier- so week to a page works a treat now.

(This is Not a sponsored post btw)

I love the Kate spade diaries for the pretty designs and nice quotes, then the debden Collins ones too, there are Filofaxes and typo is another store on its own that has me roaming desperately for a while….and all other stores packed with diaries that make the digital decision so much harder.

What form of diary do you use? Any tips or pointers?

2015 is fast approaching and I need to make a commitment… Fast.

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3 Responses to 2015 – old style diary or smart phone?

  1. amommasview says:

    Still have an old style calendar where I keep track of everything. Only using “calendar” on the iPhone for hubby…

  2. I use my iPhone and my husband and I coordinate our iPhones calendars for doctor appointments. Sometimes I forget to input an appointment and he doesn’t ever forget. But for “diaries” where you write your thoughts, I prefer the old fashion paper diaries.

  3. I bought a folio one for tracking expenses this year and really like the way the pages are laid out. It’s a “week at a glance” with the seven days set out as columns (Sat/Sun in one column) across a two page spread. I’ll definitely be getting that style again next year! My brain really responds well to it.

    We also have a School Planner calendar on the wall, with the month set up as a list down the page rather than a grid AND I do my best to jot everything down in my iPhone calendar when I think of it too (I love synching it to Facebook events too!). I still miss and forget about things – but far less than I used to.

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