I’m in the wrong body!

As always I make agendas that aren’t always practical and my mind races with millions of things I want to do… My mind goes at the speed of a race car… But my body is like an old beaten up ute that just doesn’t have the ability to perform for such speed.

When I’m as sick as I am now, I feel sorry for myself and get all shitty that my body won’t do what my brain wants it to do. I feel like I’m in the wrong body.

I knew I was getting sick the other day, I knew yesterday I was bad… I didn’t know that it would be a hot day and my portable machine was not really working.how can you plan for unforeseen circumstances?

I need to start to be realistic with what my body CAN do opposed to what I want my body TO do. I need to be more sensible and take things a little slower. I need to remember that even though my heart wants to be apart of everyone’s special moments and I so badly love creating special moments… I just can’t… And it sucks!

Time to shift gears again.

I don’t abuse my body but I don’t always eat the best and I am to blame for that, I don’t get the correct sleep at times and drink too much coffee when I need to stay awake.
I over rise what my brain says when it suggests rest and quickly get some ironing done or mop the floor even though it could have waited.

I’m basically not servicing my ute or putting in the right fuel and then complaining that my vehicle doesn’t go as fast as a Ferrari despite my illness.

Today is a lounging around day filled with nothing. On my table I have Tissues filled with phlegm and snot and a script from the doctor for some antibiotics.

Low blood pressure and the flu and only enough energy to control the remote.

I’m giving my lungs and heart a break and catching up on my shows that I’ve IQ’d to watch on foxtel.

What are your tips to get more from your body… Natural tips only please.

Until next time…. I must remember I need Oxygen for the journey.

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4 Responses to I’m in the wrong body!

  1. amommasview says:

    Rest. Unfortunately that is the most important part. And I know how hard it is to rest… Then there are herbs and spices. Turmeric is a great one… Cinnamon, ginger, honey, garlic… I am sure you can google it. I feel it actually helps.

  2. Antonio says:

    That is so true we all need oxygen for the journey.
    I to have bad lungs and there is times I move faster then I can handle but its not by choice thats just normal for me but then I have trouble breathing and then I realise wow I have done to much.
    For example no one will get there airconditioning serviced until something goes wrong you know.
    So when it is running fine of course there is no need to worry about a service but a service is a check up. But I see our bodies as machines also and we need to look after them in the same aspect you would with a car or aircon or car.
    So my tip for myself is take 4 steps back and slow down I feel alot better now I have slowed right down there fore I give myself time to breath easy and there for I have plenty of oxygen for my journey.
    love you angela

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