My lungs are being assholes today

Setting the date and sending out invites was easy, the idea of a wonderful party to get family together and celebrating with a fun dress up was and is a fantastic idea. Happy Halloween!! Today is the family fancy dress BBQ.

I woke up sick… Yay!!! A big thanks to my lungs for being assholes today while I have family coming in the evening.
Did I know this when I sent out invites? No… That’s the thing with my illness… Plans go to shit and some days are harder than others.

I have a full day planned, I’m buggered and I’m not even out of bed. I’m doing what I often do in this situation and beat up on myself mentally for trying to carry on with an illness.

Ok…. Tantrum over. Adult thinking hat back on.

I’m alive…. That’s a plus. The party isn’t for a few hours. Some things off the to do list can’t happen today. Time to simplify things.

Plan of attack…. Keep oxygen on all day, coffee, Panadol, fruit juice, vitamins and play “eye of the tiger” all morning!

Tonight will be a fun night and my lungs will eventually accept this…. Mind over matter right?!

I say this as I’m breathing through a blocked nose with nasal prongs.

Looks like the help I was insisting on not taking from offering family… May be needed.

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6 Responses to My lungs are being assholes today

  1. Ninjaprooved says:

    Hope you start to feel a lot better soon 😷

  2. amommasview says:

    Hope you will feel better and be able to enjoy!!!

  3. Hi, I know the feeling of getting all excited about family coming or planning something fun to do only to get sick. But my sick, I’m thinking of what you are writing here. Mine is not a cold or sinus something-or-other…it is due to stress. Too much stress. I don’t pace myself well enough. Have you done that to yourself? Stress is horrible for me.

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