Trick or treat Mate?

Halloween in Australia has really taken off this year, more than other years… We have shops packed with costumes, pumpkin shaped and spooky looking candies, decorations. I think we have caught on to the excitement that Americans get to experience each year.

When I was younger we went trick or treating with all the neighbour kids and it was such a fun experience. Then days later on the news we hear of kids being kidnapped, kids being poisoned etc etc… So the whole fun of trick or treat was banned by mum and other mums in fear that we may be next.

Having my own kid I have walked through shops with him this year and watched him getting excited about all the Halloween merchandise on display. We watch toys dance and scary looking displays scream out at us as we walk through… We just had to be apart of this pumpkin crazed event.

I’m not keen on a massive sugar consumption, but everything in moderation.

We started with purchasing a scull shaped candy bowl and then began with all sorts of bits and pieces.

My son and I then began discussing costumes and inviting the cousins, the adults seemed to be as excited about the idea as I was. Before I knew it, invites were sent and we are having an Aussie/American Halloween party!

Some sausages on the BBQ and all the kids dressed up for Halloween. Tricky part in oz is the heat at the moment, we are having some hot days and all the costumes are light weight but long sleeves and long pants for most. I’ve stocked up on ice creams to cool the kiddies down.

The piΓ±ata is loaded with lollies and Friday night will be a heap of fun.

Happy Halloween Mate! πŸŽƒ

Time to make some memories 😊

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