To-do lists and deadlines

I often take a visit to a stationary outlet (a piece of heaven for me – anyone that knows me, knows that I’m slightly obsessed with stationary), I usually purchase a pretty note book, a classy pen and any other things that will keep me on track in my head at the time.

When I get home, I unpack my new purchases at the kitchen table or in my office, ever so delicately and sit there planning with a nice cup of tea for a few hours – I make to-do lists, a weekly menu plan, a shopping list, A gift and card list for upcoming events, Weekly planning and schedule dates and events in my diary. I prepare Christmas card lists and Christmas gift logs to follow, I pencil a list of appointments that need to be made – examples

  • Vet appointment for the cat
  • Medical appointments – Dental, Optical etc
  • Checking insurances are up to date and if I have time, check for better prices
  • Birthday phone calls scheduled in the diary for loved ones
  • Pest Control and any other maintenance required around the house
  • Calling around enquiring and booking activities for my son (knowledge is power)
  • Planning activities for my son e.g play dates and fun outings (memories, memories)

Then I make lists of things that bug me all the time and I want to get done –

  • Wash blankets and rotate mattress
  • Clean the shelves in the fridge and freezer
  • Clean the container cupboard
  • Visit loved ones at the cemetery with some fresh flowers
  • Get clothes hemmed and altered (currently in the boot of my car going everywhere I do)
  • Put aside a night to catch up with some friends
  • Read something unrelated to my course or work

By the end of this process, I’m feeling so organised and on top of things, I can actually think clearly and function.

All proud of myself and feeling achieved, I look at my lists and make a plan to start immediately.

To my surprise (which sometimes I am surpised with myself that I am surprised), the next day arrives and my son is either sick, there is some change in the plans, some major drama takes place and something unpredictable knocks my organised lists and diary on its ass.

As the years of doing this over and over and learning the same thing time and time again, I now don’t try to create these beautifully scheduled lists that leave no room for mishaps. I do however keep a to do list and get things crossed off it daily and weekly by assigning things across the blank days in my diary.

If it’s not planned – it won’t happen.

When I put something in my diary, I make sure its realistic. I leave room for the mishaps, the unscheduled deaths and illnesses and I leave room to be able to have that unplanned coffee with mum.

I find using a week to 2 page diary allows me to see everything at a glance and pre plan for things that are happening throughout the week. Example… If i know that my son has a dress up at school, I have from Monday to plan for it, if I haven’t already started the week before.

It’s fun to have room for some uncertainty and unplanned fun, these often tend to be some of our cherished moments.

Don’t leave things to tomorrow that could have been done today – I live by this rule. Tomorrow is a mystery and you may regret not doing things when you had the time.

Thanks for reading.

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5 Responses to To-do lists and deadlines

  1. Souzapalooza says:

    I’m impressed how organized you are with just a few lists! I bet I would be way more dangerous if I were organized! Lol! Go get things done 😊

  2. ReNewedChick says:

    I share in your slight obsession with stationary. You rock! I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” award. Check out my post,, when you get a chance and either accept or decline the nomination. Happy Blogging!

  3. I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I understand that not everyone gets caught up with awards, nor do they stick to the all the ‘rules’. So if you are reading this and are one of the nominees, know this recognition is sincere.

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