No Harm in Asking

A customer came into my workplace today, he had a nice American accent and a real joyful bounce to his step, his positivity was a little different from the clientele we normally encounter daily.
The kind man asked for a discount.

The price quoted to him was already discounted, so, politely my partner explained that he wasn’t able to offer the price he wanted, but would discount it a little more.

The customer immediately called out with a nervous giggle “no harm in asking”

He was right, there was no harm in asking.

I’m not endorsing tyre kicking, time wasters that want everything for nothing. Those customers are exhaustingly unrealistic and rude.

I think we often get so fearful of rejection, we pay what the price tag has labeled. We forget that each business needs to move stock along and would rather you ask than walk away without purchase or explaining why you won’t be proceeding.

We fear being labelled a “tight ass”

Is there anything that you may be accepting because you haven’t asked?

There is no harm in asking with most things – you will either get a yes related answer or a no answer.

Happy asking 🙂

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One Response to No Harm in Asking

  1. Beth says:

    If you are dealing with Hindu businesses, try to be the first customer in the morning. They have to sell you something before you leave or their day will be cursed. That means you can get plenty of good deals just for the asking.

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