No kids

This movement that Kristen bell is working on to avoid paparazzi being able to snap pics of celebs kids and sell them without permission is marvellous.

How DARE paps think they can carry on snapping pics and being in the faces of innocent children. Get a real job!! Apologies if any paps are offended with my attitude towards their job.

I’ve heard people say in the past that celebs know the deal when they enter this field… That’s bullshit.

They are great actors or talented singers, or anything else they are thrown in the high beams for…there is no need to carry on chasing them and making them hate society so we can get the latest scoop of who was wearing what, and with who, and speculating why!

Let them be, let them have room to breathe to produce more of the stuff they are good at.

I think the whole (No kids) campaign is brilliant. I’m in full support.

I was reading on Huffington Post and listening to Kristen speak to Kylie and Jackie O this morning.

If I was to get famous…. Hey, you never know…..Would I like my kid splashed all over magazines? The answer is NO! Or if I took my niece out for the day…. Would I want pics of us all over the place? The answer… You guessed it… NO.

Leave the kids alone…. Not the kids.

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One Response to No kids

  1. hatersky says:

    I remember when Halle Berry got well pi***d off at paps waiting outside for her and her daughter. She even called the police to escort her back. Since then she has also been very active in fighting with them. Let’s not forget that some famous parents take an advantage of anything. Whether it’s pregnancy, or a baby, or a teenager you can push into some TV show (like the whole Smiths family). Kim Kardashian would be well upset if her kid wasn’t photographed at least once a day. It’s really sad but that’s probably how she also grew up. On the other hand, I don’t understand why paps are so keen in Kirsten Bell private life. But there must be a reason why she’s so active against it now!

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