Asking people to pack away their dog….

Attention Animal lovers… try be understanding on this one.

I am SCARED of dogs…. its out there.

I’m not sure why, maybe in a past life I was bitten. I don’t want therapy to overcome it just yet. But I am scared out of my wits of dogs.

I am all for animals, and think they are cute… unless they are the size of a horse and should be in a paddock not a kennel.

I have a cat, I can handle my cat because it’s independent and placid.
It doesn’t bite or run around with oodles of energy that I could only wish for. It doesn’t crap on the lawn and it doesn’t require walks. It doesn’t bark all night and keep the neighbors up and it doesn’t growl when visitors come over.
My cat requires love and occasional grooming with a brush.

Question……..If I’ve been invited to someones home for a function… and they are aware that I am afraid of dogs… and the party is outside where the dog would normally be…. is it wrong to ask them to put their dog in the laundry or on a leash?

Or is it rude for me to sit inside alone as they party outside with the dog?

Why do people expect me to overcome a fear within seconds because they insist. I don’t carry around snakes and spiders and insist that people hold them because they are friendly!
Why is that expected of me?

I don’t want to pat the freaking dog. Please back the hell away.

Can anyone else relate to this?

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7 Responses to Asking people to pack away their dog….

  1. I am a dog lover and we have 2 pups we rescued. If you were coming to my house and I knew about your fears I would definitely be happy to keep the dogs inside. I would not be offended not would I tell you to get over your fears. I hope your friends are understanding and keep the pups inside.

  2. amommasview says:

    I can not relate but I totally understand. We are dog owners. And very often I get totally annoyed with other dog owners. As you said: they let their dogs bark outside for hours (during day or night). If someone else would amp up the music for such a long time, it would be the same people complaining about the noise. They don’t pick up after their dog. And some expect people who are obviously scared to stop acting as “stupid”… I had multiple occasions where other dogs peed all over our things and the owner did not even apologise not try to avoid it in the first place. My kids are not scared of dogs but it still annoys me that some dog owners let their dog jump all over them and almost knock them over… It’s all about respect as with everything in life. And if you get invited to “friends” for a party and the do not put the dog somewhere, where it does not bother you, than maybe you should find new friends… Or talk to them again and make it clear that the dog scares the hell out of you…

  3. blackj3015 says:

    I agree with the previous comments. I also have four dogs (three at my family home and one more at my girlfriends’ place) and have had occasions where guests, friends and family members were a little intimidated so we just get them in/out, accordingly.
    I also take issue with other dog owners who act irresponsibly, though accidents tend to happen so I give a little leeway. Like this one time I was taking one for a walk around town and she decided to pee not very far from the door of a take-out place. She’d never done that before and I was really embarrassed! It’d never happened to me and I just panicked and walked away… I still think I could’ve handled it differently and actually feel guilty whenever it comes back to mind… 😦

  4. I am also terrified of big dogs. I have no problem asking people to please put there dog in the other room if I am there. If they aren’t willing I suggest taking the visit to a coffee shop or restaurant.

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