“You don’t love me” (5 year old claims)

Define love… There are so many different ways to love… We all have different rules to what love should look like and feel like.
It’s quite interesting if you ask around and see people’s definition, they can be different to yours or how you thought they would answer.

It appears that my sons definition of love at this fantastic age is playing games, watching a movie, building lego and then watching him crash the hours of work in seconds.
Love is going to the park and watching him climb the same thing over and over while scoping the park to make sure there are no dogs that I need to attempt to run from with my oxygen machine.

Love is so many things… And today… Mummy ain’t feeling so good to do the list of “lovey things”. Instantly junior claims “you don’t love me!!”

How does one answer that?! If I instantly reassure his intentional false claim- he gets the attention he wanted while I attempt to have the 5 minutes of silence that I asked for ever so politely.

Have you ever wanted 10 minutes of silence, just silence from anything anyone needs? 10 minutes where your not mum, your not a wife… Your just yourself and doing something that “you” like?

I know some people say it’s all part of being a mother, I think some days- the job has me a little tuggered out.

What is your definition of love? Do you know what your partners definition is? What about your child’s?

Love means something different to everyone… Are you loving them the way they want to be loved? Or the way you think they want to be loved?

Thankgod it’s Friday and bedtime is soon approaching.


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One Response to “You don’t love me” (5 year old claims)

  1. Antonio says:

    To me love is when you would do anything for the other person.

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