Attempted power nap..My brain ruined it.

I’m celebrating with some family tonight and my body needed rest in order for me to have a good time. A mini recharge.

I got Junior into bed for an afternoon nap and I excitedly got under the covers.

As I laid there ready for this sleep my body so badly wanted… My brain had to mess the whole thing up.

Eyes opened…. Your probably wondering how?

It went through a freaking checklist, bucket list, questioned next weeks menu, did a run over the tasks for work next week and more.

When I’m in bed and need to remember something, I send myself an email. I was typing away.

I couldn’t keep up with the emails of tasks I would later schedule into my diary and to do list.

After going through an hour of mental planning, I scrolled through Instagram…. Another bad move, my brain raced with all the creative ideas that I get from scrolling. Today I went through the topic #mug… There are so many nice mugs and tea cups on insta.

One and a half hours later, no sleep… But I’m organised and my body had a rest I suppose.

Time to get up soon and get ready.

I need a nap.

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2 Responses to Attempted power nap..My brain ruined it.

  1. shazzameena says:

    I’ve been trying (though often failing) to leave my laptop out of my bedroom and to turn the internet off before I go to bed, so that I can’t use my phone for searching and reading emails. I find it winds up my mind and gives me busy or anxious dreams! I’m trying instead to read till I get sleepy…which is not after too many pages 🙂

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