A Letter to the assho*e that keyed my car

To the P plater I met yesterday (not by choice),

When I parked my car yesterday, it was beside a vacant spot and even though all the disabled spots were taken, I circled endlessly to find a parking near the entrance of the shopping center where I needed to go to get some descaler for my washing machine that just had CPR by the technician. I park near the entrance as I have oxygen to pull around with me and my 5 year old son.

I didn’t park near you, you parked near me.

Even though I was too far to one side, there were many more parking’s for you and your wife to park.

Upon returning to my car, I saw your car pancaked near mine and realized there was NO WAY anyone, not even a size two Victoria Secret model could squeeze out of the car door with such a small gap, so the only way to get out your car would have been from the passenger side. Why insist on that spot? Why not go and find another?

You obviously got angry and your key ended up scratching my Front Guard so deep that I could only imagine how mad you convinced yourself you were.

I wonder if before you scratched my car and vandalized it, if you took the time to see a car seat in the back, if you took the time to see I had a disability permit and was not in a disabled parking spot?

You attempted to intimidate me when you waddled over towards me when i returned to my car –  trying to scare me away from taking pictures of your car and the scene. After I told you that some SOB keyed my car you instantly denied it with a smirk as you looked over to your wife who looked like she was enjoying the drama.

Instead of playing into your street fight that you were attempting to set up in the parking lot and working hard to build an audience, I politely and calmly spoke the only words I thought you should hear  “KARMA is a bitch buddy, I hope who ever DID do this gets something they value keyed aswell and even though you swear you DIDN’T do it, Lets say you did…. I hope Karma knocks you around so hard that it hurts”

I saw your surprised expression, I was going to tell you to close your mouth as you stood there in your non ironed attire and your thongs with your toenails that were trying to say hello,  looking shocked, probably shocked that I didn’t play a role in your car park presentation that your wife looked disturbingly delighted about.

I loaded my shopping in the car, safely got Junior into his car seat and showed him that not all situations need to be resolved with violence and aggression.

I saw your wife holding your new born baby girl, all pretty in pink and innocent  as she rested her head on your wife’s accommodating shoulder, as your wife geared herself up for a fight, aren’t you embarrassed?!! One day your sad ass is going to be that little girls hero, you’re no hero, your a car damaging, trouble making liar with an obnoxious wife who clearly doesn’t iron.

Trying to intimate a woman on oxygen with a child… Its sad that people like you exist.

Sadly scum sometimes breeds scum, and I feel sorry for your daughter, she doesn’t know who her parents are yet.

Something clicked inside me as I was driving away, I put my window down and yelled “You fuck*n liars!!!” or maybe a few more times than once…. Because you both were two trouble searching liars that should be ashamed of yourselves.

Then I looked back at my son and said – “see those two people, that is how you DON’T treat people”

Junior tried to process the whole event, I had to force him to come to the shop but now he was a little less sleepy and more alert.

After wrapping my head around why I met you and why you crossed my path, I called the shopping center and got them to pull the recording for the whole fiasco, its on camera you bitter scumbag, its evident you and your liar wife DID do it…. I feel better that I know the truth and didn’t assume.

Remember you jerk, KARMA is a Bitch, my final bit of advice for you….Be your daughters HERO for gods-sake and not your wife’s fantasy.

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2 Responses to A Letter to the assho*e that keyed my car

  1. Antonio says:

    That story tells you that your the better person.
    That person should really look in the mirror and not judge someone by the car they drive.
    Its not your fault you can afford a good car some people out there dont care.

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