My washing machine is more than an appliance… It’s therapy

I’ve been without a washing machine now for almost a week and it has been hard.
I’m a little addicted to my washer/dryer. I have a routine now and it consists of me coming home from work and putting a load of clothes in the machine after unloading the previous load.

I have had my LG for 4 years and I can honestly say I have used it at least every day or every second day except for when I went away.

I don’t know what is wrong with it and I’m feeling a little lost, knowing clothes are getting washed and dried makes things feel more in control and manageable around the house… Maybe I’m addicted to washing clothes. Maybe LG is part of my crazy OCD behaviour needs.

I did love ironing when it was only my husband and myself, these days we have so many extra clothes with Juniors added to the mix that I have fallen out of love with ironing. I don’t love it anymore, I only like it.

If you haven’t closed this blog and though WTF! A blog about a damn washing machine. Thankyou.

I may have a serious washing machine problem, don’t judge me, I’m working through it.

As my brother would say… Only God can judge me lol somehow though, I think God may be laughing too.

Tomorrow thankfully I have a technician coming out to see the machine, I’m praying it won’t be another week without my machine due to some rare part that’s on back order somewhere in another country.

I need my machine man, I’m freaking out here.

I have used my mums house as a laundromat for the week and lugging clothes in and out of her place (with lots of help) and trying not to wash as regularly as I normally would. If she finds out about this washing problem I have, she may look at me differently… She may start realising that the laundry is more than a room in the house, it’s a happy place.

The added bonus of washing at mums has been catching up while waiting for the loads to wash, enjoying coffees and teas and then coming home and putting them on the clothes line. I’ve enjoyed the spring weather and my cat is probably wondering where the hell I was hiding all of winter.

Fingers crossed the machine can be resuscitated tomorrow though.

I’ve been silently cheering “You can do it” to the machine. Begging it to come back to me.

Remember, only god can judge me.


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3 Responses to My washing machine is more than an appliance… It’s therapy

  1. Angie K says:

    Oh my! I wouldn’t be able to make it without my washing machine, guaranteed! Hope it got sorted! I will follow your blog now, as I can relate to it a lot, and hope you’ll want to check mine out. And maybe follow? 🙂

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