Getting Organised AGAIN – Lets call it Spring Cleaning

The other day I went into Lincraft, (this is not a sponsored post) I wanted to see if I could find this fabric with a particular print that I have been in love with for some time now – I envisioned myself miraculously having the knowledge on turning this fabric into a skirt, maybe even some lounge cushions – then it hit me… I can barley sew a button on straight…. how the hell was I going to make a skirt and some pillow covers? So I walked away from all the pretty fabrics with a “to do” added to my LONG “to do list” – Find a dress maker or learn how to sew.

So after my minor “what the?” moment in the store, I found a section with paint by numbers…. the pictures were not something I would hang in my house and they looked time consuming, but I somehow needed them, its like my inner creativeness wanted to punch the door down and come on out…. I quickly moved to the scrap booking section – I do not scrapbook, have never wanted to scrap book but all the tools required, the endless stickers and papers and cute glue on’s looked like so much fun, I could have easily taken up this as a hobby… I quickly moved away from that section as well.

As I continued walking through the store I realized how many fun hobbies there are out there. Cross stitch, knitting, scrap booking, wedding gift making, sewing, dress making, card making, painting, sculpting and the list goes on and on.

I want a hobby now and sadly I don’t know where I am going to fit that in with the other million things on my filled up crazy ass days.

I stood in the store and It hit me…. I “ONCE AGAIN!!” need to get organised, I needed storage containers, I needed boxes I could label, I needed all sorts of stuff that was going to get me on track. Its amazing what you can get from that store and I loaded my “life changing” purchases in the car and drove them home, unloaded them next to all the previously purchased storage baskets and containers and realized… I don’t have time to get organised.

I had no choice but to schedule time on Saturday morning with a hot cup of coffee at the kitchen table – to make a plan on the “Getting Organised Plan of Attack”

I started with the kitchen – I have so many plastic containers, I am not using them all but there are meal preps that require them… so they need organizing. I have so many pots, I’m only using 3 regularly, but when I have a party I tend to use the whole lot! Do I keep them or get rid of them?

I got tired with the kitchen… I still had all the other rooms to go and in my room, my clothes and accessories were a full on task on its own.

While weighing up all the “should they stay or should they go” items, I then realized we have a shed! I could load some of these things in the shed, that way I’m not getting rid of them and still have them “in-case” I need them! What a marvelous idea….. as I sat there all proud of myself and impressed with my thinking… it dawned on me 1. I’m on oxygen and I cant even lift all this to and from the shed… 2. My husband has waved the red flag and told me the shed is not for storing things that should be in the kitchen (hes still annoyed at the 3 large Christmas boxes and the Christmas tree)….3. I think I’m becoming a hoarder…

What to do?What to do?! I was feeling nervous. Even typing this, I still feel a little guilty that I may be a hoarder.

I haven’t got time to write into a show to invite them to come into my home and open the wardrobes and cupboards and shame me on tv, so I may have to do this clean up alone.

I always save things for “in-case” I have a party or I keep toys my son outgrew “in-case” a kid came to visit. I have boxes of craft “in-case” I had time to do it and so many clothes I haven’t worn in years and accessories “in case” I changed my mind one day and wanted to wear them.

I am living in the world of “in case”. This shit just got serious.

I wanted to throw out so much after realizing that I am holding on to things I don’t need, but I didn’t want to throw them out or give them away without trying to make some money out of them. But the reality is, even if I was to price everything for $5 each – what would I make? $150… was all the hasstle worth it….. No. Not when I honestly struggle with time as it is and strength.

Here I am, baskets and storage containers and the realization that the “in case” items have got to go. And I also realize that purchasing organisational items doesn’t make you organised…. Its a safe feeling knowing your going to do something about it, but depressing when you realize you haven’t made a single move in that direction.

Plan of attack – (Putting 1 hour a day into the plan)

1. Kitchen (Including pantry and cook book selection)

2. Laundry

3. Lounge Room (organizing picture frames and albums included)

4. Toys

5. Bedroom (including my clothes, shoes and accessories)

6. Office (including storage wardrobe and bookshelf)

7. Bathrooms (go through items that are no longer in use)

8. Sheets and Towels

9. Garage

10. Outside area

It’s a challenge, especially when I’m working long days and trying to balance after school activities and clean eating and cleaning and ironing my life away. But I can do this…. baby steps is better than no steps at all.

I know I’m not alone on this one, we all have hidden crap and even the most perfect of all perfects have their hidden disaster zone in their life.

I am told myself not to be too hard on myself and I’m telling you the same.

Baby steps! We can do this!

I’d be happy to hear any tips you have on organizing and making the whole process easier.

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6 Responses to Getting Organised AGAIN – Lets call it Spring Cleaning

  1. OMG WE ARE KINDRED SPIRITS!! I am doing all this exact same stuff right now – it’s the whole purpose of my blog. Whereabouts in Sydney are you (email me if you don’t want to broadcast it)? I’m in the inner west. Maybe we can be accountability partners and help each other stay motivated. 😀

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