News reporting with a sprinkle of bullshit

I am going to be straight up with this one…. less bullshit and more facts.

If there is one thing I HATE about watching the news or listening to the news, it would have to be the added bullshit.

The way things are worded, the trauma attached to the smallest things and they hover around the topic like a helicopter looking for gold. They cross the line and have pensioners locked indoors with such fear in them.

The interviews – they prep  “apparent” bystanders and people involved with the event they are reporting – they coach them on what to say and how to stand etc, and then they edit edit edit! So, is what’s presented really what happened? Or is it the best way to sell what happened?

The topics vary –  shark attacks to murders, robbers and pregnant celebs with possible baby bumps… then ended on a cute light note of something that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy while locking your door with the thousand deadlocks you got from years of watching.

Its all news that could be covered in a few lines. Keep it basic and simple. Do we really need all the crap that we see? Is it necessary? I say NO.

Bad news sells is a line I hear alot and it is true. BAD news sells, but idiots (in the past I was one of them) that run to the store to grab that magazine because they deviously worded something so well that you purchase that magazine and read the article and realize they played on words and its nothing like what you thought – been there done that. Its not right!

I think reporting all these tragic events and amplified events give robbers ideas. I can just see it, they are slouched on the couch hard up for cash – hear some random shit that happened on the news and go and copy it because they were too dumb to think of it themselves. (I said I think….. it’s my theory)

E.g You hear on the news that people are robbing people at ATM’s, then that same week it becomes like an epidemic! Suddenly every bastard from here and there are committing the same crime.

Lets report on things with a bit of a positive vibe and maybe some freaking solutions to all the doom and gloom. Maybe we can give some tips on HOW TO FIX or PREVENT such things from happening. Put the thieves out of jobs.

I really think news should be made to KEEP REAL, starting with getting the size 6 beauty queens off the camera and reporting from the suburbs they are talking about.

Tonight I had my first hit of news in a LONG time (hence the rant).

I want to know whats happening in the world, but not by someone who speaks like they are a robot.

If there was one thing you could change about the news, what would it be? I’m curious to hear your ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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