You Tube turned me back to 17!

I needed some time away from today, time to be the “Me” that I remember, the “Me” before all the stress and the crazy workloads full of demands and deadlines kicked in.

What better way to do that than to visit YouTube and look up songs from the best years of my life.

I looked up songs I listened to from the age of 17 right through to now.

Hours have passed, but I feel refreshed. I feel reborn to some extent – forgive me if it all sounds too weird.

I suggest this… I really do, you are going to thank me.

What was the best year of your life thus far? What songs do you remember? Where did that song take you?

I know the song Life by Des’ree takes me back to when I was 17 on the back dock of my fathers shop standing around a small black radio listening to the new song on a warm spring day.

Then there is the song by Usher- You Make me wanna that takes me to my first crush and how we met.

There was a song I loved, after listening to it again I must admit I still do Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm – by the Crash Test Dummies 

There was my year 12 graduation – Vitamin C Graduation Song. My friend Mish by my side… memories.

Then there is a song that reminds me of teenage years with my sister – Puff Daddy Ill Be Missing You

Then there came a time when my first crush made me feel ugly for not wearing makeup and prancing around in heels – so the song Unpretty by TLC worked a treat.

I remember cruising with friends to the beach in the green Suzuki Vitara that my friend owned listening to Fragma – Tocas Miracle at full volume with the wind slicing through my hair.

Then there was the song that I sang when I was uncertain with life Que Sara Sara, this always helped me remember that nothing is for certain. What ever will be will be!

A CD I listened to over and over again was Blessid Union of Souls – I believe, I still love listening to this song and Nora was another one of their songs that I loved singing along to.

I remember that song that came out that had most people secretly asking – Yeah, what if he is one of us?!  Joan Osborne – One of Us

A song I loved to go stupid to was Cyndi Lauper – Girls Wanna have fun and then my all time karaoke song is Time after Time by Lauper also.

A song I liked for fun was Tintarella di Luna – Mina, it made me feel more Italian than I already am and a little like Looking for Alibrandi.

The list really does go on and on and I could be here all night reminiscing years and years of memories.

What’s your life’s soundtrack. What song brings you to a place you loved to be? What were you wearing? How did you feel?

Music is a beautiful thing, it can transport you back to places you want to be right now, even if it is for a minute or an hour.

I had fun bopping down memory lane, It has made me realise that life really is too short and sometimes being a grown up makes you forget that your inner teenager sometimes needs to come out and live a little.

Don’t take life too seriously, We are not getting out alive

I would love to hear some of your songs that made you, YOU!


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