Father’s Day

Father’s Day is always a great day for me, it’s a day where my dad lets me give him a card with some sentimental words and I get to give him a gift as a thanks for being such a fantastic dad.

Our family has come a very long way, our parents have always been extremely hard workers in the businesses they once owned. The hours were long and the shop was open 7 days a week from early in the morning to late at night. The family were not at the table all at the same time as there would always be someone missing keeping the stores running.

Today is a day where we can all sit at the table and enjoy each other’s company, celebrate dad and the man he is today.

I spoke with a mother from the school yesterday when I saw her at the store, she lost her father 4 years ago. I felt sick hearing that, what the heck would I do without my dad? I can’t and don’t want to imagine life without him in it.

Today I intend on celebrating dad, I intend on reminding him on just his special he is and even though he struggles to hear it, I’m not holding back.

My son will be presenting my husband with a handmade card and a handmade gift from school. It’s important to set the example of the Father’s Day settings you would like when we are grandparent one day.

One day we won’t have out parents here and one day we will wish we made more time for them while they were alive.
There are a few family members that forget that at times and it’s a shame, tears of guilt and lost opportunities are terrible, I’d much prefer crying tears of joy and have memories to hold onto.

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2 Responses to Father’s Day

  1. Anthony says:

    I loved reading this post I feal I can relate so much.

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