Confession… I think I’m in love with Sarah Wilson

After a huge day at the office followed by school pick up and then after school sport…. I surprised myself… I made something that wasn’t a regular recipe…..and it tasted good!

It is so hard trying to cook a normal meal for the family as it is – so making the Sarah Wilson – I quit sugar recipe – baked chicken tonight left me patting myself on the back.

So far the recipes I have made from her book and 8 week program are all seriously delicious and leave you feeling satisfied and not heavy. The recipes are practical and the ingredients required are easy to get, the time frames to prep are fantastic… everything is so nice and easy.

I know this is going to sound a little creepy…. I think I’m in love with Sarah Wilson. A woman that can deliver a book with easy to follow, easy to make and good clean recipes is like a saint to me. 

Some of the cook books I come across from Chefs and cooks leave me thinking… “Was this chef smoking something?!” Where do they think you get all this time and all these ingredients? 

I have my brothers wedding in December… now December seemed so far away when it was March … but now its September and I’m still the same weight and still in denial that my Jeans only fit me because they are the stretchy type.

I know I’m not alone and I am certain that there are other people in the same boat – a hard day at work, then after school activities…. who the heck has time to think about nutrition on a time limit.

I need a chef. But for now, I will continue making recipes from Sarah Wilson and try and get my body in shape before my Brothers big day.





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